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Cause of the Latest Adsense Ad Restriction Issues

Kang Ahmiw - In this article I will share experiences about the Causes of AdSense Ad Limitation Problems. In the case of advertising restrictions on our blog is very detrimental, because it will have a major impact on our income. Therefore I will share some of the causes that cause our ads are limited by the adsense.

Actually I have posted How to Overcome the Limitation of Adsense Ads. Okay, we get straight to the causes of restrictions on adsense ads.

Some Causes of AdSense Ad Restrictions

  1. Click Own Ads
  2. Click the ad itself has been notified by the adsense even already listed in its policies. Therefore, you should never click on your own ads if you do not comply with these policies, please bear the consequences yourself.
  3. Jingling
  4. This cause is usually done by someone who is jealous or just fad with your blog and he jigling can be called sending a visitor bot, indeed it can increase your visitors but side effects can cause your account to be banned / disabled by adsense.
  5. BOOM Click
  6. This is a cause that you should avoid, even though this click boom can increase your income, but it can result in your ads being restricted and can even be banned. So, you should be careful in promoting or sharing articles to social media especially groups that are not necessarily safe places to share your articles.
To overcome these limiting problems please mate, can read the following article: Tips for Overcoming Restricted AdSense Ads.

That's the Cause of the Latest AdSense Ad Limitation Problems that I can share with you guys, if there are questions or things that need to be asked please comment in the comments column. Hopefully useful, that's all and thank you.

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