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About Domain Authority and Page Authority in Complete

domain authority and page authority
Kang Ahmiw - The value of authority such as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) is a measure to determine the level of quality of a blog or website, whether it's the ranking level of a domain or a page that appears on search engines.

DA & PA has an important role in a blog. Previously, did you know what DA and PA are?

Definition of Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of a domain which is one of the many factors in ranking in search engines. Blog sites or websites that have a high DA value will be easier to rank first in search engines, whether it's Google, Bing, or others.

New sites that are not consistent in their management, will not last long in search engine results. Domain Authority can be seen from scor scales of 1-100, which the higher the value, the easier it is to get a ranking on the first page.

Understanding Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority is an SEO term to describe the possibility that a particular page will often be found in search engines. The more often the article is on the main page, then the other articles will chase each other to be on the main page on search engines. Blog sites or websites that have a high PA, will easily raise the position of the article to be on the main page.

DA and PA are arguably the SEO performance indicators of the website, this also applies to your blog site. After knowing the differences above, between domain authority and page authority, which do you think is more important? That depends on the needs of the blog you have.

In addition, there are important factors that influence the increase in DA and PA you need to know. Here, I will reveal everything without any exceptions to how to increase DA and PA on your site. Okay? Listen carefully.

Factors That Influence Increased DA & PA

1. Domain Age

In short, the domain is old enough, and the manager is unrelenting in providing the best performance for his blog, over time DA and PA will increase by itself slowly.

2. Domain Popularity

Domain popularity can be calculated from the number of inbound links that point to your blog, which come from sites that have a higher DA&PA. In addition, you can share social media, blog walking, submit URLs to directories, profile links, etc. that can help create inbound links and generate traffic from time to time.

3. Quality and Interesting Articles

A good blog site or website that has a lot of articles or content. However, many articles are not enough and can not be a benchmark for the website will be good in the eyes of Google. If the article is interesting, original, and nobody matches your content, that's what Google likes.

Therefore, making interesting articles that are readable is important for you to learn in increasing the value of DA & PA on a blog or website.

4. Guest Post

Basically, guest posts have the same function of inbound links, but there is a slight difference in terms of quality. Yes, with guest posts you will get quality backlinks from sites that you send articles. You can write on people's blogs to get visitors from these sites. In addition, this type of factor can be permanent, meaning that the link inserted in the article you are targeting will always be there, and there is only a small possibility of removal of the article from the admin.

5. Internal Linking

Optimal articles are articles that are connected to each other. Which, in each article there is a link that leads to other relevant articles. This is intended to strengthen and minimize the bounce rate on a page.

6. Image

Text is not the only important factor in SEO, here search engines will also detect images. The way search engines detect images is by using the Alternative Tag (alt = ""), which is an identity of an image that will be displayed in the article. So the blog will also be flooded with traffic because of the strong keywords contained in the image.

Now, do you know about Domain Authority and Page Authority? Or still not satisfied with the explanation above? Relax, next time I will update more deeply about it, do not worry.

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